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15t Battery Powered Shunting Vehicle

15t Battery Powered Shunting Vehicle
For the purpose of traction of the passenger vehicles on rail for various metro works within the metro depot, where there is no electric power from wire. This shunting vehicle, being made of stainless steel plate outside, is possible to run in fine slow speed even during traction period, in order to decrease shock at the time of coupling.
Overall length:4,990mm
Overall width:2,375mm
Overall height:3,140mm
Traction Motor:25/80kW High Torque Inline Motor
Max speed:25km/h
Pulling speed:15km/h

Total weight:15t

Max Traction:30kN

Exterior:Made of all stainless steels

End user:Fukuoka City Transportation Bureau

25t Battery Powered Shunting Vehicle

25t Battery Powered Shunting Vehicle
At the depot with no supply of electric power from outside, this shunting vehicle safely pulls the passenger vehicles by its own battery powers.
The various kind of passenger vehicles can be pulled by this vehicle with change of the height easily.
Overall length:4,680mm 
Overall width:2,600mm
Overall height:3,415mm(Within Rotary Light)
Number of wheels:4
Traction Motor:80kW × 2 DC Servo-Motor
Max speed:15km/h
Total weight:25t

Rated Traction:37kN

Fine slow Speed Control:1m/min

Battery:480V 320Ah/5hr

End user:Bureau of Transportation, Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Magome Station

Two Way Motor Car

Two Way Motor CarTwo Way Motor Car
Designed for dual purposes of shunting the cars both on rail with steel wheels and on road with tire wheels, to move to near position of railways. This Motor Car runs at 5km/h at the time of pulling 160tons vehicles and at 10km/h on road singly.
Specification On Road On Rail
Overall length :2,490mm 2,490mm
Overall width :2,490mm 2,490mm
Overall height :3,000mm 2,900mm
Wheelbase :1,950mm 1,200mm
Number of wheels :4 4
Traction Motor :DC8kW×2 DC15kW×2
Battery :VCF6A 96V VCF6A 96V
Max speed :10km/h 5km/h
Total weight :8,000kg 8,000kg
Rated Traction 19.44kN
MAX Inclination :50‰ 
End user :Fukuoka City Transportation Bureau

Quench Coke Carrier Vehicle

Quench Coke Carrier Vehicle
This unmanned vehicle moves to pull water-quench coke pot bogie within the coke producing area in the iron and steel works. This vehicle moves between coke furnace and coke quench site by motor powered by the third rail.
Overall length:6,880mm
Overall width:2,400mm
Overall height:5,100mm
Number of wheels:4
Traction Motor:75kW × 2
Max speed:150m/min
Total weight:40t
Max Traction:58.8KN

MAX drawbar pull:276t

Power supply:Overhead wiring Supply AC400V

Stop accuracy:±100mm

End user:JFE Steel Corporation Chiba SiteNn

Bucket Carrier

Bucket Carrier
In order to transport coke bucket within iron and steel works, this bucket carrier moves at the same speed with quench coke carrier vehicle, being supplied electric power by such quench coke carrier vehicle.
Overall length:12,000mm 
Overall width:4,300mm
Overall height:1,400mm
Traction Motor:22kW × 2
Max speed:150m/min
Total weight:24t
Max Traction:58.8KN
MAX Loading Weight:87t

Power supply:By Quench Coke Carrier

End user:JFE Steel Corporation, Chiba Site

30t Hot Coil Transporter

30t Hot Coil Transporter
Loading Weight:Max30t
Temperature of coil:Max700?C
Max Speed :120.0m/min
Power Supply: Third Rail
End User:JFE Steel Corporation Fukuyama Site

20t Steel Coil Automatic Transportation AGV

20t Steel Coil Automatic Transportation AGV
Loading Weight:20t
Speed:MAX 30/min
Motor:DC servo 14kW×4

12t 4-WAY Tire Type Truck

12t 4-WAY Tire Type Truck
This vehicle can move forward, backward, sideways and diagonally, in addition to spin turn. This is equipped with the lift that goes up and down by 100mm.
Overall length:3,500mm
Overall width:2,600mm
Overall height:450mm
Number of wheels:8
Traction Motor:DC2.6kW×2
Max speed:20m/min
Total weight:5t

Loading weight:12t